Our Story

Cars & Coffee

Our passion for roasting great coffee, combined with our love of classic automobile craftsmanship, sparked what is now Jack’s Garage Coffee Co. Our story begins with a gathering of friends, having drinks, and listening to Jack tell the story of his 1914 Ford Model T, the first car to ever be produced on a moving assembly line. As we admired the craftsmanship and ingenuity of that old American classic, we knew that’s what we wanted from our coffee…to take pride in the craft.

Nathan Mattfeld, Head Roaster

Nathan spent many years working full-time in international development around the world, predominantly in Mexico. It was In 2004, in the state of Oaxaca, that Nathan had his first experience with coffee roasting, where an Oaxacan indigenous tribe showed him how to roast coffee on a clay hot plate, also known as a "comal". This sparked a love for roasting craft coffee that Nathan brought back with him to the United States. For over a decade, he has worked to master that craft.

Previously, Nathan and Jack worked together for a software company that Jack founded. Now, in partnership once again, they bring their passions for cars and coffee together to give you Jack's Garage Coffee Co.

Jack Morehouse, Owner of Jack’s Garage

In 2019, Jack retired from a storied career that included managing a chain of movie theatres, working in design engineering with Chevron, and finally running a successful software company that he built from the ground up. After stepping away from the demands of the office, Jack returned to his roots in engineering and rekindled his passion for classic automobiles.

Jack spent much of his career applying automation and process improvement to his entrepreneurial endeavors. It was only natural then, that the first car to roll off of an automated, moving assembly line in the United States, the 1914 Ford Model T, became the first in his collection, and a symbol of his life's passion.

Since then, Jack has collected nearly two dozen classic automobiles, and created Jack's Garage as a haven for friends and family to enjoy and take pride in the craft of cars, coffee, and good company..